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Administrative and Secretarial Support, Drivers and Security Administrators

Focus Area:

–        Effective Administration

–        Protective and corporate driving

–        Fire drills, safety and first aid skills

–        Personal assistance and secretarial skills

–        Security administration

–        Conflict Resolution

World class executive and administrative support is key in ensuring success in an organization and among leaders. The quest to attain excellence requires ambitious personnel curated on excellent training, mentoring, and coaching.


The requisite skills and knowledge from our training programs include the art of effective communication, time management, decision making, problem solving, conflict resolution, maintaining readiness, planning, organizing and coordination of actions during events or alerts.


The programs are delivered by industry leading experts featuring innovative and cutting-edge techniques to help you and your team out-maneuver the current challenging business environment.


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Human Resource Management (HRM), Perfomance Improvement Tools and Succession planning

Focus Area:

  • Human Resource Management
  • HR Policies
  • Performance & Reward Management
  • HR Analytics
  • Talent Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Payroll Management and deductions
  • Team Building
  • Employment Laws and Labor relations
  • HR planning

Employees are the most valuable asset an organization has. Over the years, HRM practice and processes (Team selection and composition, Training and performance management, renumeration, employee relations and off-boarding) has gained paramount importance in setting organizations to their success launchpads.


Our exhilarating range of training programs in this field will equip you with critical lenses needed to navigate this emotive and people-oriented role.   through cutting-edge techniques to help you and your team to deal with the global dynamic HR issues.


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Customer Care, Communication, Call Center Management, PR, Marketing and Brand Management Strategy

Focus Area:

  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Brand image alignment and Public Relations strategies
  • Front Office, Call center and Customer care skills
  • Content Marketing

The customer is a vital stakeholder in the success of every business that without their existence organizations would not exist. Branding and marketing are the first point of contact of an organization with a customer. They influence a customer’s choice to purchase a good or a service. What will keep them coming is the service and experience.


Our programs have been expertly curated to provide a finesse perspective to an excellent customer service experience. Detailed strategy planning, brand building, elements of service engagement, delivery, customer feedback and complaints management, reputation management in a complex media environment, and the art of sharing external perceptions of the organizations are all covered.


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Financial Management, Procurement & Supply Chain, Budgeting and Performance Contracting

Focus Area:

  • Public Financial Management Act and Regulations
  • Budgeting and Public Sector Spending
  • Asset Management
  • Procurement and Asset Disposal Acts and Regulations
  • Public Procurement Processes and Policy Formulation
  • E-Procurement and the IFMIS portal
  • Pension and Fund Management
  • Saccos and Financial Institutions’ Fund Management
  • Financial Reporting Standards (IPSAS, IFRSs)
  • Supplier Database Management
  • effective Supply Chains
  • Procurement Data Management
  • International Tendering

Strengthened Financial Management is an essential ingredient for sustainable socio-economic development, public value and poverty reduction. Strong PFM systems which encompasses the budgeting cycle for public spending, Financial probity and procurement regulations among others, help improve aid effectiveness and overall accountability of public funds.


The public procurement regulation in Kenya has undergone tremendous changes especially in the last Seven (7) years. These changes have involved both legal and policy shifts.  The Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Regulations, 2020 were gazetted on 22nd April 2020. While the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act, 2015 and the regulations apply to public entities, our training programs will highlight some of the key changes introduced by the new regulations which may be considered by private parties participating in public procurements.


Proper budgeting techniques, exceptional financial management and resource allocation are the foundation of every successful organization whether public or private. Under the guidance of leading experts in the industry, we dissect and analyze financial management practices, the Acts and regulations making sure to offer comprehensive work-around on the various probable resolutions.


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Excel, Data Analytics, DashBoard Reporting, Research and Programming

Focus Area:

  • Excel techniques and Data Skills
  • Power Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Data Management Analysis, Reporting and Forecasting
  • Power Query and Data Transformations
  • Power Pivot and Database Management
  • Programming languages and Research Tools
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • DashBoards and Reporting

In today’s globally competitive world, decision-makers face unprecedented levels of risk and uncertainty and traditional financial analysis and forecasting tools do not provide the flexibility and responsiveness to manage in these demanding conditions.


We will focus on various data analysis and programming tools that aim at providing insight into quantitative data management and analysis (exploring, summarizing, statistical analyzing, visualizing.)


During the trainings, we will move the delegates through the basics of various tools such as, MS Excel, data cleaning and management processes, data analysis, prediction, and projection methods and dashboarding techniques. Our training approach will consider the day-to-day activities by the attending delegates and customize the dataset and methodology to suit their specific needs.


Would you like to be an Advanced Excel Expert? Check out our programs below 

Records, Documents, Library Management and Archiving

Focus Area:

  • Digital Records Management
  • Archiving and Records Disposal
  • Library Management frameworks – KOHA
  • Cataloguing, Serialization and Indexing of Records
  • Access to information act Kenya

Effective records management is fundamental to a well-functioning organization since it supports business activity and provides a basis for efficient service delivery. The shift to electronic records management (ERM) has had a huge impact in the maintenance of the content, context, structure, and links between records to enable their accessibility and support their business value and purpose.


Our exciting range of trainings on the subject matter aim to equip participants with a working knowledge of the ERM system. Additionally, it guides participants in assessing the record management needs of an organization, developing record management policies, implementing ERM, and developing disaster management plans for ERM.


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Project Management and Implementation Protocols

Focus Area:

  • Project Management essentials
  • Public – Private Partnerships (PPPs)
  • Social and Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Project Implementation Protocols

Projects are an important element of change for every organization. They involve the pulling of various organization resources to bring something new into existence. The results of a project are supposed to have a positive impact on the performance of the organization. Overtime, investors, and managers have taken a keen interest on the use of scarce and often difficult to mobilize financial resources. Meanwhile, there has been an increase in the demand for and management of quality public, and private sector investments.


These programs will help the participants gain in-depth knowledge on environmental analysis, project implementation planning and scheduling best practices, cost- benefit analysis, cost control, analytical techniques in project design, and how to go about PPPs.


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Liquidity, Cashflow, Treasury, Credit and Debt Management

Focus Area:

  • Liquidity, Cashflow, Treasury,
  • Credit and Debt Management
  • Cashflow Optimisation
  • Corporate Valuation

Liquidity management is a pivotal decision for many organizations since it determines the nature and quality of investments that are at the organization’s disposal and the resulting profits from the organization’s activities. Efficient and effective liquidity management sees to it that an organization meets its obligations through adequate projection of its working capital. On the other hand, credit and debt management is essential in establishing and executing a strategy for managing an institution’s debt outlook. Adequate collection and efficient negotiations are a step in the right direction towards salvaging the bleak futures of financially constrained institutions.


Our programs cover, in detail, the management of treasuries and cash in organizations. It provides a working knowledge on the management of revenues, development of controls around treasuries, risk, and cash management, overview of credit and debt management, credit assessment, credit monitoring, debt monitoring, national debt, and devolution, among others.


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Tax Compliance and Reporting, Transfer Pricing, Cross-Boarder Trade

Focus Area:

  • Finance Bill and Budget Analyses/Update
  • Tax Administration and Regulatory Compliance
  • Tax computations and filing
  • Cross Border trade and Transfer Pricing
  • Tax efficiency consultancies

Globally, tax practices and legislations have evolved so rapidly in playing catch-up to the international trade scene. These changes orchestrate tax-related amendments across jurisdictions in the various tax obligations namely income tax, value added tax (VAT), excise tax, and other taxes.


We make it our mission to have you updated on ALL developments in the area of taxes so you can focus your energy on what matters most, YOUR BUSINESS! The programs incorporate a consolidated set of theories and applications to proven best practices to enable you and your team to be on Kenya Revenue Authority’s (KRA) good side.


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Societal Inequities - Gender Mainstreaming, Workplace Generational Gap, GBV, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, HIV/AIDS

Focus Area:

  • Gender Mainstreaming and the 2/3 gender rule at the workplace
  • The Gender Based Violence menace
  • Workplace Generational Gap
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness

Recent research has identified individual challenges faced employees at the workplace including discrimination based on HIV/AIDS status, gender-based violence incidences, patterns of alcohol and drug abuse, just to mention a few.


Addressing these issues in the workplace creates trust among staff and helps sustain productivity which in the long run my result in economic growth globally. The management of these issues is important to meet the needs of businesses and government organizations who desire to respond with compassion and understanding of these societal inequities encountered at the workplace.


These programs not only articulate the benefits of embracing the challenges faced by individual employees at the workplace but moves to provide working avenues to jointly create a more accommodative environment for all.


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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation and IT Support

Focus Area:

  • ERP (Dynamic NAV, SAGE, SAP) Efficiency Training
  • ERP Implementation and Support
  • ERP Audit
  • Integration of ERP to Business tools – Excel etc

It is a well-known fact that one feature that makes a successful company is its ability to successfully align its business goals with its information communication technologies (ICTs) platform. ERP implementation requires more planning and budgeting than a wedding so to speak. Therefore, these ERP Implementation and Support training programs will provide an opportunity to update the participants skills and competencies needed to work within the ERP project environments.   


These skills, which will intentionally be covered include analytical, accurate risk identification, decision making, problem solving, planning and organization skills, problem solving, budgeting, time management, critical thinking, and communication. These will enable you and your team to avoid the common ERP implementation and Support pitfalls.


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Entrepreneurship and Personal Finances

Focus Area:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Entrepreneurship, investment and Business skills
  • Forex Trading
  • Cryptocurrency and e-money
  • Personal Financial Management

Entrepreneurship is a demanding gig. In retrospect, most people opt for entrepreneurship as a means of building a steady path to financial freedom and an early stress-free retirement. As such, while on this journey, people tend to focus on company finances and growth that they completely neglect their own finances. Consequently, this could compromise the individual’s future and the business may suffer along with it. Therefore, it is important that entrepreneurs learn to manage their personal finances as well as the tenets for effective retirement planning.


The programs under this category will focus on the business case for retirement, factors to consider when coming up with a business idea, potential obstacles to implementation of a business idea, and alternative methods of raising capital, managing side hustles, among others.


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Corporate Leadership & Governance, Board Audit Committees, Risk Management and Audit

Focus Area:

  • C-Suite Leadership
  • Corporate Governance Frameworks
  • Senior Leadership
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Internal Audit Functions and Board Oversight
  • Board and Management Induction
  • Board evaluation and Performance Audits
  • Risk/Compliance Management and Risk Champions training
  • Audit Models/Frameworks

We live in a volatile and highly uncertain business environment. Corporate leaderships are thus expected to institute systems and processes that work towards establishing a safe operational environment within the frameworks established. Board Audit Committee members also ought to understand their oversight responsibility alongside a synergistic relationship with the management within the corporate setup.


Corporate risk management identifies and documents the organization’s risks in critical business processes and internal controls within each process to mitigate those risks. Audit, on the other hand, monitors the overall risk management framework, the financial reporting and compliance processes. The greatest challenge in audit is ensuring that procedures correctly mirror documented standards. Quality auditing requires that non-conformances and corrective actions be reported and highlight the areas of good practices for the benefit of the organization.


Our portfolio of Corporate Risk Management and Mitigation Frameworks training programs will intimately explore modern theories and practices aimed to instill and further develop skills in essential to risk identification, assessment, and mitigation; hence helping your team to be prepared for any risk occurrence in order to reduce the impact it will have on the organization.


The training programs herein are designed to enhance your self-development (Begins-with-YOU mentality) and emotional intelligence; enabling you and your team to have a unity of purpose. Additionally, the programs equip you with skills in fostering high impact communications, time management, performance management and improvement, developing strategy, change management, Team Management, HR management, among others.


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